Saturday, June 20, 2015

BAPTISM! :) Letter from June 15, 2015

OKAY PEOPLE. I got, like, 6 letters this week! It was seriously the best thing that's ever happened to me! It was definitely an answer to prayers. I was feeling so down the night before- just crying to Heavenly Father about how I needed a pick-me-up... and then the mailbox was FULL the next day! It was the best surprise in the world.
Mom, I especially loved your card with the words from Elder Christofferson. I really needed to hear that. I realized that I've been looking inward "I, I, I" and I need to look outward more- more towards the people that we're teaching. I've been trying to do that more often.

We went with Brother Byrne on a hike up to a hill above his house 

It hit 101 degrees...

We were caught in a cattle drive in Sweet! 
We went tracting this week. We met a Lutheran pastor in the park.... That was interesting. And we met a guy named Brayden who was super interested (we gave him a Book of Mormon and got a return appointment) and then we went back and he wasn't there... Yep. BUT we also met a 15 year old girl named Jordyn who is less-active AND she's totally interested in going back! So we're going to try and get the girls her age to fellowship her. 
APRIL AND TOM WERE BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!! It was wonderful. Enough people came that we were able to hold the service in the chapel. It was a really great baptism! The spirit was so incredibly strong. All of the missionaries that taught them (that are still in the mission) were able to attend. It was GREAT! 

Sister Gubler

Sister Gubler and Sister Colby

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